Client Court Reporting Services is committed to providing for all of your court reporting needs promptly - with expertise, attentiveness, and precision.


A Partnership

In 2023 Client Court Reporting partnered with Executive Reporting Service to form a team of professionals dedicated to supporting attorneys throughout the litigation process. Our goal is to make your job easier by providing the services you need quickly with professionalism and accuracy while maintaining a personal touch. Focusing on Litigation Support, we have a team of highly skilled Court Reporters available at any of our state-of-the-art locations throughout the Tampa Bay area as well as the ability to arrange services across the US and around the world.


Our Process

It’s simple. Fill out the contact form indicating your needs and one of our team will be in touch to arrange the details. Whether it’s in person or virtual services you are requesting, you will speak with a real person who can answer your questions, arrange the schedule, and ensure the entire process goes smoothly.

We handle the details.

Client Court Reporting offers a variety of services and specialties. Our highly trained team is credentialed and tech savvy. From language interpreters, real-time computer aided transcriptions from Realtime and LiveNote, to video specialists trained and certified to capture depositions, we have what you need. Looking for something not listed? Email us at [email protected]

Depositions in our beautiful offices or at remote locations
Audio/Video Transcription
Videoconferencing, Face-to-Face Broadcast Depositions
Realtime and Expedited Depositions
Internet Streaming
Language Interpreters/Translators Arranged
Telephonic Depositions
Videotaped Depositions by American Guild of Court Videographers as CCVS. Or Certified Video Specialists (CLVS)
E-Transcipt™, CD-Rom Delivery of Transcripts Bundled Transcripts with Integrated Exhibits on CD
Depostream and Streaming Video Synchronized Text to Video
CLE Credits for Paralegals and Legal Assistants


Convenient and Affordable

We offer the option to pay at the time of service, or delay payment until the completion of the case. The Deferred Billing Option allows attorneys to enjoy the benefits of our services with the ability to delay payment to settlement!

Online Ordering and Scheduling

Contact us anytime to arrange transcripts, depositions or request an interpreter or videographer for a deposition in the Greater Tampa Bay Area.

Questions? Contact us at 727-240-0607

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